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The local authority – CCMn meets ADASS president David Pearson

CCMn meets David Pearson, who took on the leadership of the Association of Directors of Adult Socical Services earlier this year to find out what his plans are during his presidency.

Specialist care growth opportunities in Scotland

It has been 16 years since the Same as You? learning disability policy was published - the first national review of learning disabilities in Scotland for 30 years.

Legally Speaking – The Future for Long Term Care: The Health and Social Care...

The arguments are well rehearsed by Andrew Dilnot in his report: we need to act now to decide both the policy and legal framework for the future funding of long-term care. That it needs resolution has broad agreement; the mechanics of how are yet to be decided.

CCMn meets…Runwood Homes: Absorbing former council estates into a profitable portfolio of homes

CCMn meets Logan Logeswaran, managing director for residential care provider Runwood Homes, which has recently been buying up former local authority facilities in...

Where do government reforms for 2012 leave the sector on a legal footing?

As we move into the New Year, a key question on the agenda for the social care sector this year is what will be the legal challenges in 2012?’ As the current system for older people is described by ADASS as unfit for purpose’, we need to consider how legal issues will affect progress towards the three identified outcomes, dignity, security, clarity,’ to be sought from the current reform programme.

Legally Speaking – July

Lifting the veil of secrecy at the Court of Protection after the Wanda Maddocks case

CCMn meets – Target REIT

Targetting the right investment - CCMn meets managing partner Kenneth MacKenzie

Positive behaviour support

Specialist care provider Dimensions takes us through its positive behaviour support operation as care moves away from large institutional facilities. n the aftermath of the Department of Health’s review into the Winterbourne View case, national support provider for people with learning disabilities and autism, Dimensions, is experiencing increased demand to support people moving from out-of-county and institutional settings. This is a much needed and long over-due change in the social care sector which will see people with learning disabilities and autism live lives of their own choosing in community settings instead of in assessment and treatment centres. As the 2014 date draws closer, Dimensions is preparing for further enquiries. Invariably, it is the organisation’s Consultant Behaviour Analysts who are called upon to offer their expertise because people moving away from institutional settings often display behaviour which can be described as challenging’. It is estimated that between 10% and 15% of people with learning disabilities display challenging behaviour such as self- injury and aggression.

Service level agreements with housing associations: Daniel Braithwaite from Pinsent Masons explains what to...

Arrangements between care providers and housing associations are often far more complex than care providers expect.