Doro strengthens UK presence with telecare addition

Carl-Johan Zetterberg Boudrie, Doro chief executive

Swedish telecoms company Doro has strengthened its presence in the UK after buying Invicta Telecare Ltd (Centra Pulse and Connect) from Clarion Housing Group for SEK 60 million (£5.1m).

Centra Pulse and Connect form one of the top three telecare monitoring services in the UK and are a provider of out-of-hours contact services for local authorities, housing associations, private businesses and charities.

The service employs 55 full-time staff, monitoring 106,000 telecare connections.

Revenue for Invicta Telecare for the financial year 2018 was £6.3m (approximately SEK 74.6m).

Together with its existing business, Doro, which develops telecom products and services for older people, will handle close to 200,000 connections in the UK.

In June 2018, Doro bought the UK-based telecare company Welbeing, with approximately 80,000 telecare connections.

‘By adding Centra Pulse and Connect to the Doro Group we will continue to build our market presence in the UK technology enabled care services market. This acquisition strengthens our competitive offering and facilitates the transition toward digital telecare in the UK. The combined entities will launch new services that increase safety and independence for end-users in a cost-effective manner for customers,’ said Carl-Johan Zetterberg Boudrie, president and chief executive of Doro Group.

‘We decided to sell Invicta Telecare because we believe that Doro Group is better positioned to meet the long-term needs of customers. As a specialist technology company, Doro has the capacity to invest and innovate in this market, providing a first-class product to support independent living in older age,’ said Michelle Reynolds, chief operating officer of Clarion Housing Group.

The UK is the largest telecare market in Europe with an estimated 1.8 million telecare connections, of which approximately 95% are analogue. The market remains fragmented, with over 200 alarm receiving centres.

Deloitte advised Clarion Housing on the deal.