Armenia: Japan provides US$3.7m grant for medical equipment

Yerevan in Armenia and the two peaks of the Mount Ararat at the sunrise.

The Japanese government has provided a US$3.7m grant to help the Armenian government buy Japanese medical equipment.

This project intends to assist Armenia in its fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, by strengthening its mid- to long-term healthcare and medical systems. The Japanese embassy in Yerevan said that the latest generation of MRI system and other items will considerably upgrade the current level of medical service in the country, alleviating various health-related issues and saving peoples’ lives.

“On behalf of the Japanese government, I would like to highlight the utmost importance and timeliness of this project, particularly in view of the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic in Armenia and the world,” said ambassador Jun Yamada.

“I sincerely hope that the new equipment from Japan will contribute to significantly upgrading capacity of healthcare and medical institutions in the country, thus saving more lives and enhancing the living standard of the Armenian people,” he added.