France: LaingBuisson launches French private acute hospital market report

LaingBuisson has launched its first French-language market report on the French private acute hospital market.

Les Soins Aigus Prives Lucratifs has been written in partnership with Antares Consulting.

In 2018, the acute care market in France was estimated at more than €11bn (US$12.5bn) which represents more than 75% of the total valuation of healthcare activities carried out by this sector. A total of 479 clinics carried out these activities, which represents 35% of total hospitalisations.

The remaining 65% is mostly carried out by the public sector and, to a lesser degree, the non-profit sector.

In this context, the profitability of private acute clinics, which makes up 72% of all acute care clinics, accounted for 2.8% of revenues in 2018.

Other parts of the for-profit private healthcare sector such as rehabilitation and mental health hospitals show greater profitability but account for a lesser proportion of turnover.

The report concludes that with the demographic trends of an older population suffering from chronic diseases, private acute clinics should be able to continue their development, though consolidation in the sector will become a challenge as certainly in major urban centres this has already taken place.

Listen to chief operating officer Heidi Nicholson tell you more about what you can expect to read in the Private Acute Healthcare French Market Report.