Malaysia: Focus Dynamics takes 30% stake in LKL International

Focus Dynamics has taken a 30% stake in healthcare furniture and equipment manufacturer LKL International for M$37.5m (US$9.1m).

The lifestyle and technology-based conglomerate said that it has a strategic plan to embrace medical tourism as part of its overall portfolio.

It added that it is making this investment to accelerate its strategic shift to expand its product lists of medical-related product via “LKL’s extensive supplier network”.

“With rising healthcare costs in the worldwide and limited locations that offer quality and affordable recovery, aesthetics and healthcare coupled with a tourism feel, Americans are scampering to book appointments with healthcare providers far away from home,” said Focus Dynamics executive director Tay Ben Seng.

Focus Dynamics intends to link its expertise in meshing lifestyle and technology, with its exposure to the F&B industry to create a medical tourism-based framework for its future property plans.

It has already identified several locations and is exploring various partnerships to create a medical and wellness hub, which will use its various networks of consumable supply chains in food, medical supplies via its stake in LKL, and technology transfer.