Morocco: Akdital Holding opens oncology department

Akdital Holding, a portfolio company of private equity firm Mediterrania Capital Partners, has opened a new oncology department providing diagnostic and treatment services at the Casablanca Ain Sbaâ private hospital in the Hay Mohammadi Ain Sbaâ prefecture.

A dedicated oncology wing, with a 12-person day hospital and a radiotherapy department containing two bunkers equipped with accelerators, recently opened its doors.

This new centre is needed in the region as, until now, all oncology centres were concentrated in Casa Anfa.

In Morocco, the number of cancer patients has been increasing significantly to reach approximately 50,000 new cases diagnosed each year, with many patients requiring an early start of treatment.

“This centre will serve the entire population of the periphery of Casablanca, including the cities of Mohammadia, Zenata and Benslimane, which until now have had no public or private cancer treatment centres whatsoever,” said Rochdi Talib, founder and CEO of Akdital Holding.

Founded in 2011 by Rochdi Talib, Akdital began operations with the Jerrada Clinic in Casablanca which holds 100 beds. Later, the group put in place an expansion strategy that led to the opening of four additional clinics in the Casablanca area between July 2018 and October this year. In that period, Akidtal opened two multidisciplinary clinics in Ain Borja and Ain Sebaa, plus one clinic specialising in oncology and another specialising in cardiology. Akdital also owns a structure that receives patients from Sub-Saharan Africa, Southern Europe and the MENA region. Today the group has a total capacity of 550 beds.

Mediterrania Capital bought into Akdital Holding in December last year.