Netherlands: Affidea partners with Subtle Medical

In its second partnership with a diagnostics company, Affidea has linked up with Subtle Medical to improve patient experience during PET/CT scans with deep learning imaging technologies.

In early December, Europe’s largest medical services provider partnered with medical AI company Aidence to streamline and improve the clinical performance of lung diagnosis and screening to drive the earlier detection and treatment in the case of lung cancer.

“With this new AI solution, Affidea IRMET becomes the first PET/CT centre in Europe to pioneer this ground-breaking software for a better patient experience and increased efficiency with the same high-quality standards,” said Affidea chief executive Giuseppe Recchi.

Affidea’s PET/CT centre IRMET is based in Italy.

SubtlePET is an AI-powered imaging software solution that claims to enable up to four times faster PET scans without compromising the image quality.

This is particularly beneficial for patients who have difficulty in holding still for long periods of time. Less time in the scanner reduces patient’s discomfort and anxiety, improving their medical experience and reduces the need for re-scans.

“SubtlePET technology allows us to perform PET/CT examinations by up to 60% reduced scan time, while maintaining a high-quality standard of the image. For us, this means yet another step in our mission to improve patient experience, while providing a precise diagnosis,” said Affidea’s chief medical offices Rowland Illing.