Switzerland: Swiss Medical Network takes stake in HJB SA

Swiss Medical Network, the second-largest group of private clinics in Switzerland, has taken a 35% stake in Hôpital du Jura bernois (HJB SA) for SFr27m (US$27.8m).

This is the first time that a private group has acquired a stake in a hospital belonging to the canton of Bern.

In addition to its entry into the share-capital, Swiss Medical Network has committed to invest SFr25m over the next three years, in order to support the projects of Hôpital du Jura bernois in Moutier and Saint-Imier.

The contract also foresees an option for Swiss Medical Network to acquire a majority stake in HJB SA within three years.

In a statement Swiss Medical Network said: “This public-private partnership will ensure the safeguarding of a comprehensive range of acute somatic and psychiatric care services for the French-speaking population of Bern in the rapidly changing hospital landscape.”

HJB SA owns the hospitals of Moutier and Saint-Imier, the mental health centre, including the Bellelay clinic, as well as the Médicentre in Tavannes. It also has participations in the Médicentre in Moutier, the Inter-Jurassic Pharmacy, the Institut de radiologie du Jura bernois and the Biel-Seeland-Jura radiation oncology Centre.