UAE: Universal Hospital in Abu Dhabi faces closure

The Universal Hospital in Abu Dhabi has been closed down due to financial issues.

The 200-bed specialty hospital stopped accepting in-patients last week, with staff members resigning and others not being paid their salaries, Gulf News reports.

‘Following a request from its owner, Universal Hospital was approved to shut down,’ a statement issued by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DoH) said. ‘All patients were moved promptly to alternative hospitals and provided with full support or the transition of their treatment.’

The hospital was temporarily shut down by the DoH earlier this year for failing to meet certain health and safety standards. Patients were transferred to other facilities until the hospital reopened again in May following the implementation of a corrective plan issued by the DoH.

The reinstatement of the facility took place following a visit from the DoH’s audit team, which evaluated a series of rigorous measures taken by the hospital to correct its violations and ensure compliance with the emirate of Abu Dhabi’s standards and regulations.

It is unclear whether the hospital will shut permanently, with more than 500 hospital staff facing uncertainty.