Switzerland: Achiko expands medtech experience on board

Swiss heathtech company Achiko has established an advisory board of international experts in the medtech, biotech and innovation and appointed a head of commercialisation as it prepares for the launch of the company’s Covid-19 test kit.

Appointed to the advisory board are Glenn Cross, director at tech and healthcare companies Horizon 3 Biotech, Captix Biomedical, and Grey Innovation; Jittaporn Wattanaseree, a lecturer and trainer experienced in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical fields over all stages of drug development from research through commercialisation; and Carol Aebi, a strategist and the head of business analysis at Swiss software engineering firm AdNovum.

At the same time, Pierre Nathie joins Achiko’s existing management team as the vice president of commercialisation.

Currently the managing director of consulting firm Med2Mark, he brings more than 25 years’ experience in launching medtech and biotech products and solutions in international markets.

“Strengthening our board and management team, is about getting to market with the right level of care and diligence, and in a timely manner,” said chief executive Steven Goh.