St George’s University signs medical agreement with ARCH

St George’s University (SGU), the international medical school on Grenada, has signed an MoU with ARCH Education in Hong Kong to allow ARCH students to students to complete their studies on the Caribbean island.

It establishes a clear pathway for students of ARCH to transfer to and complete either the six, five or four year MD or DVM programme at SGU’s School of Medicine or School of Veterinary Medicine.

“International experience is an essential component of a first-class medical education, and I am delighted that students from ARCH Education in Hong Kong will now have access to our campus in Grenada, as well as clinical training opportunities in the UK, US and selective opportunities around the world,” said G Richard Olds, president of SGU.

Throughout the term of the relationship, SGU has also agreed to provide up to five scholarships per year to ARCH students who are eligible for admission.

Students from ARCH who successfully complete their MD Degree at SGU will be eligible to apply for residency programmes in the US or for postgraduate training in Britain, on which they can build successful medical careers. Those who choose to opt for the veterinary medicine pathway will be eligible to apply for licensing to practice in the US and other countries around the world.

St George’s University School of Medicine draws students and faculty from 140 countries. Approximately 1% of all practicing doctors in the US are graduates of St George’s University, with that figure rising to around 15% of the physician population in Trinidad and Tobago, and 20% in Botswana.