Memira up for sale

Memira, Scandinavia’s largest eye laser chain, is up for sale. Wire reports say that Lincoln International has been mandated by majority owners Investor AB to review strategic options. Memoranda are expected in the next couple of weeks.

Investor AB holds a majority stake via Patricia Industries.

Swedish financial website says that revenues have been flat for the last couple of year at SKr417 million (US$45 million) while EBITDA was SKr 33 million.

Johanna Öberg was appointed new president and CEO in June 2017. She jumped from Stampen Media where she was chief executive. Before that she had a long career in various roles within the Kinnevik-owned companies MTG and Metro, among other things. as CEO of Metro Puerto Rico.

Memira was formed in 2007 through a merger of three operations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It has about 200 employees and about 40 clinics in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It treats thousands of people each year for nearsightedness, over-vision and astigmatism (refractive error). It is also the country’s leader in in the treatment of age-related visual defects and can help people who today have progressive glasses and reading glasses.