Costa Rican locals benefit from cut-price treatments

The COVID-19 crisis has crippled the tourism industry and has greatly diminished the once-thriving Costa Rica dental tourism sector. Goodness Dental, a Costa Rican dental clinic which is almost entirely reliant on US customers, is offering price promotions to attract citizens and resident expatriates, until it can get US customers again.

The Costa Rican government and US border authorities have been assuming for weeks that borders, currently only open to citizens and residents, will open on 15 June.

But, by the end of May, Costa Rica had 1,022 confirmed cases of COVID-19 within its borders so has now delayed border openings until at least 30 June.

Although a limited number of flights to and from the USA have resumed, tourists and dental tourists and non-resident foreigners are still banned.

Until at least 30 June, Costa Rica will deny entry to tourists and non-resident foreigners, at the country’s ports of entry via land, air, and sea.

Domestic tourism has begun with some hotels open at 50% capacity and tourist buses running.

Leading dental tourism clinics that were full of patients in January and February now sit almost empty. Thousands of dental specialists are without work, waiting for the borders to open again.

The economic paralysis that faces Costa Rica is creating an opportunity for Costa Rican citizens and residents to benefit from lower prices on dental care at the top dental clinics in the nation.

Until July 2020, Goodness Dental an American-owned dental clinic  is offering Costa Rican citizens, residents and expats an even greater discount to help patients get the care they need at lower prices. Dental implants that were once priced at US$1,000 have been discounted by an additional 20%. Goodness Dental also offers a lifetime replacement guarantee on dental implants. Prices on dental crowns, dental veneers and other procedures have also been reduced. Once the borders open again, prices will return to normal.