Anchor’s care division records operating deficit

Not-for-profit care home operator Anchor Trust reported a 1.5% rise in revenues for the year ended 31 March 2015 from £265.8m to £269.8m. Of this figure, £122.4m was from care home fees (2014: £121.9m) and £140m generated from retirement housing rents (2014: £134.9m). After deducting operating costs of £258.1m (2014: £247.5m), Anchor had an operating surplus of £11.7m, significantly less than the previous year’s £18.3m. The surplus for its retirement housing decreased by £1.5m to £28.2m (2014: £29.7m) with increased income from housing rent being offset by higher property maintenance costs, and higher depreciation costs. Its care homes, however, recorded an operating deficit of £0.2m, a decrease of £0.4m on 2014’s surplus of £0.2m.

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