France: Icade and Korian break ground in Livry-Gargan

Icade and Korian have broken ground on Korian’s post-acute care facility in Livry-Gargan. This large-scale project has emerged from the development partnership formed between Icade and Korian in September 2017.

The new healthcare centre due to open its doors in spring 2021 will consist of a post-acute care unit and a day hospital. It will bring the existing Korian Sully facility – already situated in Livry-Gargan – and Roger Salengro facility – in Noisy-le-Sec – together on the same site in the heart of the Danton neighbourhood of Livry-Gargan.

The centre will specialise in comprehensive and elderly post-acute care for elderly, polypathological patients. It will have 166 inpatient beds, as well as 25 outpatient beds in the day hospital – the first such facility in the Livry-Gargan area. It will also house a specialist unit for patients in a persistent vegetative state (PVS). Doctors’ offices will also be available for outpatients.

The property development contract for the Livry-Gargan facility has arisen from the partnership between Icade (acting as developer in this project) and Korian (final investor in the facility). The framework partnership agreement involves Korian (operator), Icade Promotion (developer) and Icade Santé (investor) to build 15 facilities (nursing homes and post-acute care facilities) to be completed from 2021 onwards in France.

It includes the development and construction of facilities (under property development or off-plan contracts) in addition to the investment.