Castleoak launches ‘radical’ modular solution

Castleoak has launched a modular product to support developers delivering care homes.

SwiftLiving building blocks allow care homes to be delivered in up to six months with a 25% saving on costs, the specialist solutions company said.

The product offers exterior and interior designs, which can be customised to suit a brand or care home location.

Georgina Lillington, commercial director – pre-construction and product leader for SwiftLiving, said: ‘Castleoak has been developing this new product over the past two years, refining designs and ensuring the solution offers operators and investors a highly innovative and valuable solution.’

Castleoak chief executive Craig Currie added: ‘We think SwiftLiving is a radical new solution that will unlock developments across the UK where project viability has been difficult.

‘We’re confident we will cut overall project costs by 25%,’ he said.