Person Centred Software launches in Ireland

Gaynor Abrams, business development manager, MPS

Person Centred Software has launched in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Valley Nursing Home in County Tyrone, part of MPS Care Group is the first care provider outside of England, Scotland, Wales, Australia and New Zealand to use mobile care monitoring (MCM).

Gaynor Abrams, business development manager at MPS, said: ‘Going digital means that each of our homes have all the information they need for their residents in one place, making it easier for them to record and access care plans on a daily basis. Reports can be produced which can be drilled down to any specific area, with the ability to highlight trends and to identify potential risks.’

Live recording means evidenced notes are produced in real time, which is a lot safer and more efficient than recording on paper, she added.

Person Centred Software said that more than 30,000 care workers in the UK use the system daily, evidencing 1.2 billion care notes.

The company has celebrated its first anniversary of launching the MCM system in Australia and New Zealand.

Fourteen care homes across the two countries use MCM with another 18 homes due to implement it in the next ten weeks.