Kris Davies to head academy living programme at Orbis

Kris Davies

Orbis Education and Care has appointed Kris Davies to lead its academy living programme.

Academy living is a person-centred programme of activities designed to enable individuals with autistic spectrum conditions and associated learning difficulties to continue to develop their independent living skills and education post-school.

Davies, who has a background in occupational therapy and as a behaviour specialist, will help create personal development pathways for young people and adults to identify and progress in vocational and employment opportunities.

‘People with autism and learning disabilities should have the same opportunities in life as us all, and here at academy living our mission is just that,’ he said.

‘It’s so important that people with autism and associated needs are recognised as being active members of their communities; not only does this help raise awareness and understanding of this hidden disability but crucially it also improves the person’s quality of life.’

Suzanne Lawrence, Orbis Education and Care chief executive, said: ‘Academy living has already become a progressive multi-faceted initiative that identifies the inherent skills and interests of those we support, and seeks to progress them as far as possible.

‘Through Kris’ ongoing dedication, it is an initiative which will continue to be embedded in our homes, at our high street branches of The Orb and in the community, and it is one which incorporates industry-recognised accreditations to help adults to kick-start their CVs.’

Orbis provides specialist schools and homes, supporting children and adults with complex needs associated with autism.