Advinia introduces clean energy system into care homes

Mark Roberts, Renewable Heat Generation (left), Darren Miller, Advinia’s head of property services (centre) and Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria, Advinia Health Care founder and chairman (right)

Advinia Health Care is reducing its carbon footprint by replacing the heating systems in its care homes.

The scheme will see Advinia use government grants and remove existing systems, powered by gas and oil, and replace them with zero carbon ground source heat pumps (GSHP) in 29 of its 35 care homes.

The system works by recovering heat from 130 metres below ground floor level, storing that energy inside 2,000-litre vessels and then distributing it around the care home’s radiators.

The provider has partnered with Renewable Heat Generation to complete the work, which has already begun in six of Advinia’s care homes.

Within a further seven homes, the operator is also removing the electric or fossil fuel heating systems and replacing them with biomass heating.

Darren Miller, head of property services and leading the GSHP project for Advinia, said: ‘We can reduce our carbon footprint, lower the cost of heating our homes and enjoy the benefits of a system with vastly-improved reliability.

‘The savings we will make on heating bills and engineering repairs to traditional heating systems can be used to enhance other aspects of our homes,’ said Miller. ‘We aim to redistribute the money into areas that will benefit colleagues and residents.’

Miller added Advinia has also switched to eco-friendly LED lighting in its homes, and is looking for more ways to improve its carbon footprint.

‘We believe in the collective responsibility of all businesses in the fight against climate change, and the GSHP system is a significant step forward for Advinia,’ he concluded.