Briefing paper supports review into social care reforms

An independent review into adult social care reforms in Scotland offers a ‘positive and constructive’ approach to addressing the challenges the sector faces.

In a briefing paper to MSPs, Scottish Care said it is ‘imperative’ that action related to the review recommendations is taken forward with the necessary pace and scale required.

Earlier this month, the review proposed a National Care Service (NCS) in Scotland to help drive improvements in the way provision is delivered.

The 109-page report called for a system redesign to transform the way in which the country plans, commissions and procures social care support.

The report also said Scotland needed to shift its attitude towards technology and data sharing to improve people’s experience of social care.

Scottish Care is the representative body for independent sector social care services, which contributes to the employment of over 103,000 people, equating to more than half of the total social services workforce; the provision of 90% of care home places for older people; and the delivery of over 55% of home care hours for older people. 

‘We welcome the overall report and in the current context feel we ought to give full priority to the momentum behind improving the adult social care sector,’ the briefing paper said.

‘Care services are in a state of real fragility and whilst the prospect of a National Care Service brings with it many grounds for optimism and renewal, we must ensure we continue to promote the immediate measures that the sector requires for sustainability.’