Lib Dem leader calls for cross-party consensus to solve social care

Joe Swinson, leader of the Liberal Democrats

The leader of the Liberal Democrats has called for political parties to come together to solve the social care crisis.

During an ITV Election Interviews television programme on Tuesday (19 November) evening Jo Swinson was told by presenter Nina Hossain social care needed radical reform and improving the sector was not just about funding.

The Liberal Democrats have said it will provide additional funding for the NHS and social care by adding 1p on income tax.

Swinson said: ‘First, we generally need to have a cross-party consensus to solve this issue because it is one that is a long-term issue. But the other thing is about the status of people who care.

‘Our care workers in our society are some of the people who work on very low incomes…and it is often seen as some kind of low status job. I think it is one of the most important things. When any of us think about our parents or grandparents that might need care what is more important to make sure they have that?’

She added artificial intelligence and robots were ‘not really good at caring for human beings’ and the profession needed to be valued properly.

In July, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would try and bring political parties together to solve the social care crisis.