Plaid Cymru pledges free social care

Free social care at the point of need is one of the key proposals outlined in Plaid Cymru’s manifesto.

Plans would be delivered through a National Care Service, with the cost to the Welsh government being an extra £300m a year.

The party said greater emphasis would be placed on investment in early intervention and preventative health and care services.

‘We will establish parity of pay and terms and conditions between social care and health care workers,’ the manifesto said. ‘The ambition of health and social care services working side by side cannot be achieved with the current inequality.’

It also said it would train and recruit an additional 1,000 doctors, 5,000 nurses and 100 dentists for the Welsh NHS.

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price AM said: ‘The manifesto we’re launching today is not just a manifesto for this general election – it’s a manifesto for our nation’s future. We can be an innovating, pioneering, caring, and sustainable country. It’s time to back Wales, to back Wales’ party – back Plaid Cymru.’