Promedica24 to increase investment in recruitment

Michael Browne joined in September

Promedica24 is increasing investment in recruitment and development of its UK workforce, as it looks to streamline onboarding processes and support staff with their wellbeing and professional skills.

The live-in care provider is creating 2,000 jobs nationwide to get people back to work, supporting those who might have lost their employment due to the pandemic. It said it is on track to meet its target by mid-2022.

A recruitment team has been brought in to support the campaign, including care professionals and operational staff. In September, Promedica24 appointed Michael Browne as its head of franchise development, as part of its plans to grow its UK network.

Promedica24 has 14 regional partners across the UK, offering care services to people in their homes.

Grzegorz Wrzosek, recruitment director at Promedica24, said: ‘Our mission is to create genuine opportunities for people to pursue their careers in care and ensure families and vulnerable individuals can easily access the support they need and deserve.

‘To achieve this, over recent months, we have increased our investment in the UK side of the company by over 200%, channelling these funds into recruitment and workforce development. Part of this investment includes plans to upscale recruitment and onboarding processes for a more streamlined hiring journey and increase pay for our carers well above market rates.’

Katarzyna Twardowska, executive director at Promedica24, added: ‘The pandemic highlighted many additional benefits to choosing live-in care – a clear advantage being the ability to keep people safe at home and protected from the virus. We have seen a significant shift in public interest towards live-in care over the last few years, so there is no better time to invest in the growth and development of our business.’

Promedica24 has over 15 years’ experience supporting people to live independently at home in England and Germany. The company operates a franchise network across England.

Private demand for homecare, including live-in care, is ‘believed to be growing strongly’, according to LaingBuisson’s latest Homecare and Supported Living report.