Satisfaction remains high amongst social care staff, survey finds

Jeane Freeman, Scottish government cabinet secretary for health and sport

Satisfaction among social care staff in Scotland remains high, a survey has found.

It found that 78% of those who took part in the survey feel they are treated with dignity and respect, and 74% said they were treated fairly and consistently.

Overall staff satisfaction remained high with 84% of staff agreeing that ‘my line manager is sufficiently approachable’ and 80% agreeing ‘my line manager cares about my health and wellbeing’.

However, the proportion of staff who feel their organisation cares about their health and wellbeing was 50%, and confidence and trust in senior managers at 38%.

In total 179,453 questionnaires were issued as part of the survey, 14% (25,782) of those to social care staff within participating health and social care partnerships (HSCPs) and 86% (153,671) to NHS Scotland staff. A total of 111,512 were received, equating to an overall response rate of 62%. This response rate has increased from 59% in 2018.

The Health & Social Care Staff Experience Report 2019 is a detailed analysis of the iMatter Continuous Improvement Model, carried out by Webropol, an independent company commissioned by the Scottish government.

iMatter is a staff experience continuous improvement tool designed with staff in NHS Scotland to help individuals, teams and health boards understand and improve staff experience.

The iMatter questionnaire enables staff the opportunity to feed back their experience within their team and at organisational level on a real-time basis.

‘I am delighted that staff satisfaction remains high and staff engagement levels have increased from 2018. As we know, positive staff experience supports improved care for our patients,’ said Scottish Health Secretary Jeane Freeman. ‘However, it is concerning to note that while the majority of staff feel their line manager cares about their health and wellbeing, this is not reflected at an organisational level.

‘This must improve and I expect all senior leaders and managers across the service to consider the report’s findings carefully and take action where needed,’ Freeman added.