Scottish Care CEO posts video message offering care providers advice

Dr Donald Macaskill, chief executive, Scottish Care

Scottish Care chief executive Donald Macaskill has issued a video message to care providers outlining guidance on coronavirus.

The guidance issued included precautions aimed at reducing the number of people entering care homes and cutting the risk of cross-infection by increasing the use of technology and encouraging residents to eat in their rooms.

‘The first thing we’re wanting to do is restrict visits,’ Macaskill said. ‘Therefore, only essential visits will take place. An essential visit would include a clinical or medical visit, though we will try to use video and Zoom technology to reduce those.’

Macaskill added that an essential visit would also include an individual wanting to be with a family member in a palliative and end of life situation.

‘When you are in the care home we also need to engage in activities which socially distance individuals. So where it is possible, depending on the layout of the care home, we will encourage residents to eat in their own room,’ he continued.

Macaskill went on to say the use of other technologies such as iPads, phones and other systems of contact should be encouraged so residents are able to maintain relationships during increased social distancing.

Yesterday (Monday 16 March) the UK government issued social distancing guidance to everyone in the UK.

As at 9am on Tuesday morning (17 March) there had been 1,950 cases of Covid-19 in the UK.