UKHCA rebrands to the Homecare Association

The United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA) has rebranded to provide a more modern platform and create a clearer and stronger voice for domiciliary care.

The body, now known as the Homecare Association, represents more than 2,300 domiciliary care providers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Launching the name and brand identity, Homecare Association chief executive Jane Townson said: ‘As we emerge from the pandemic, during which care at home proved its value and importance to all of us every day, homecare is experiencing a moment in time where there is significant opportunity for transformation.

‘And that’s why, as a symbol of this transformation we are renewing our brand and identity, which will build on the experiences and insights we have gained over 30 years as UKHCA, whilst giving us a modern platform to create a clearer and stronger voice for homecare.’

She said the association would continue to make sure care at home was recognised and received the more investment.

‘We’ll take the lead in shaping homecare – but we know that no one organisation can do this alone,’ Townson said. ‘That’s why at the heart of our new brand is the idea of shaping homecare together.

‘Because advancing the case for homecare benefits everyone, our call, as we launch our new brand, is: let’s create power in numbers; let’s stand together, to make what matters stand out; let’s shape homecare together.’