NHS Confederation petition demands government action

Care services on brink of collapse, coalition tells PM
Niall Dickson, chief executive, NHS Confederation

A petition calling on the government to commit to a funding plan for health and social care up to 2035 in response to ‘crippling’ problems in both sectors has been launched by the NHS Confederation.

The membership body, which represents 85% of NHS providers and commissioners, said it has repeatedly warned that the NHS has become ‘unsustainable’ with services on the brink, rising demand and workforce shortages.

The petition will be considered for debate if it receives over 100,000 signatures.

Niall Dickson, NHS Confederation chief executive, warned: ‘Without action, our health and care system will continue to deteriorate; millions will wait, more will suffer and some will die. It is now clear that the cries for more funding are unequivocal.’