Insights into registered manager role revealed

Exploratory research into the work of registered managers has been carried out to help tackle problems with succession planning.

Skills for Care embarked on the study to gain a picture of ‘a rewarding, yet challenging’ role that needs greater recognition and ‘robust, ongoing support’.

Responses from 800 managers found that almost 80% felt that their role had changed since they first started, with 83% of these acknowledging the job was more pressured. Over a third reported performing tasks not in their job descriptions, while only 20% of managers felt that the position had become better recognised over time.

Oliver French, Skills for Care project manager, said: ‘Our latest research gives us a better understanding of the registered manager role, how it‘s evolving and what support and recognition is needed to recruit and retain this group of managers.

‘We already know that the turnover and vacancy rates for registered managers are 23% and 11% respectively, and we expect as many as 10,000 registered managers to retire in the next 15 years. This needs to be addressed by the sector.’