Research to identify housing needs of ageing population

Research into the housing stock of older people in Greater Manchester will be launched to identify the kind of accommodation an ageing population might need in the future.

Funded by Ageing Better, researchers at the Manchester School of Architecture (MSA) will select an area around the city to identify older people’s choice of housing, including the size, condition, tenure and accessibility of the properties they live in.

Data will also be used to identify the characteristics of different groups of older people, including their income and health and social connections.

Rachael Docking, senior evidence manager, centre for Ageing Better, said: ‘The vast majority of older people live in mainstream housing and most intend to stay there. However, current housing is largely not fit for purpose and doesn’t meet the diverse needs of our ageing population.

‘Our research will help localities identify what information they need to make adequate plans for housing their ageing population. It will mean more places around the country can respond to demographic change and ‘future proof’ their housing stock.’

The results will also feed into the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework – a local council-led plan to see that land is being used to deliver enough homes up to 2035.

Ageing Better hopes to roll-out the project to other areas across the country.