Admissions fall but income up at Benenden

Benenden Hospital Trust has reported a 14% jump in income to £36.5m for the year ended 31 December 2017 despite a fall in referrals.

The Kent-based hospital, whose controlling body is Benenden Healthcare Society, said admissions from members of the Society were down 10% on the previous year. Although the gap was filled through NHS referrals, which increased b 5.4% on 2016, and private referrals, which rose by 25.8%, the number of admissions fell 5.5% to 7,812 while outpatient consultations dropped back 3.1% to 45,093.

Income was boosted by a £2m donation from the Society towards the cost of new CT/MRI scanning equipment along with an additional donation of £2.5m in December 2017. Total expenditure for the year was virtually unchanged on 2016 at £32m, resulting in a surplus of £4.5m against £8,990 in 2016.

Looking ahead, the Trustees said that following completion of the hospital’s redevelopment.

Total funds carried forward at the year-end increased from £12.8m to £17.3m.