Bupa launches genetic screening test

PMI provider Bupa has launched a genetic testing kit for its business customers to help employees personalise their approach to physical and mental wellbeing.

Bupa SmartDNA provides a personal overview across three categories – diet, fitness and mental wellbeing – using a saliva swab test to identify individual responses to caffeine, alcohol, stress and sleep quality.

The new service is available as an add-on to a Bupa Health Assessment, with individual results available online within 15 days. Employees will then receive a follow-up call from an expert lifestyle coach trained in behaviour change, a personalised wellbeing plan and a 12-week diet plan.

Alaana Linney, director, Bupa Health Clinics said: ‘Businesses are now rightly much more engaged in their employees’ health – they want to empower their workforce to make the right lifestyle choices and ensure they are as healthy and productive as possible, so this is a big step towards giving employees a more holistic view of their health.

‘What’s important is not just knowing about your health and how your body works, but also getting the right support to make any necessary changes. By using the information from the Bupa SmartDNA test alongside the findings of a Health Assessment, we can help employees understand more about the potential impact of their lifestyle and provide real-time support to help them be healthier in the long term.’

The service is part of a larger proposition, which Bupa plans to bring to market in the summer.