GenesisCare and Oxford University enter into research partnership

3d illustration of a cancer cell in the process of mitosis

GenesisCare and the University of Oxford’s Department of Oncology have announced a ten-year partnership aimed at improving the diagnosis, management and treatment of cancer.

Under the agreement, the partners will work together on trials combining radiotherapy and new drugs and research into state-of-the-art diagnostics and a new field of nuclear medicine called theranostics.

The partnership’s initial priority will be the installation and use of a Magnetic Resonance Linear Accelerator (MR LinAc) at GenesisCare’s centre in Oxford, along with research into new clinical planning techniques.

Head of the Department of Oncology at the University of Oxford Professor Mark Middleton said: ‘This partnership offers something unique. The organisations involved are heavily committed to driving innovation together to advance cancer care and tangibly improve a patient’s treatment experience. The technology available through the MR LinAc allows for a shift in current radiotherapy treatments, promising to go beyond conventional anatomically-based planning. This partnership would not have been possible without a philanthropic donation, from the John Black Charitable Foundation. We are extremely grateful for this gift. This is an exciting time, as we use world leading research within GenesisCare’s network to drive a step change in treatment.’

The MR LinAc will be used for research and the treatment of patients in the Oxford area, locating and measuring cancer in real-time and adjusting radiation delivery to changing tumours, which could potentially transform the treatment experience and delivery.

Aldo Rolfo, executive manager, GenesisCare Europe, added: ‘Delivering better outcomes and access for patients is how we started and will always be our goal. By bringing the world’s most innovative technologies to the UK we can advance current cancer management and research and demonstrate the true untapped value of MR LinAc and applications of radiotherapy. Both organisations aim to push the boundaries of current knowledge and improve the world we live in – it is a natural fit and we’re very proud of the benefits we will be delivering to patients and the UK health system.’

The installation of the MR LinAc at the GenesisCare Oxford centre is scheduled to take place mid-2019 and the first patient is expected to receive treatment within the year.