GHO buys German outpatient provider

GHO Capital has acquired German healthcare provider Linimed Gruppe from Vitruvian Partners for an undisclosed sum.

Based in Jena in Thuringia, Linimed Gruppe is one of Germany’s biggest providers of outpatient intensive care, with 44 sites located primarily in Eastern and Central states. It is the leading provider of 24/7 intensive care in specialist community centres for patients with severe health problems.

Germany’s specialist community care market has grown rapidly over the last five years, rising from 12% to 31% of outpatient intensive care provision. Since its acquisition by Vitruvian in 2014, Linimed has expanded via the opening of new-build facilities and a number of acquisitions.

GHO said it expects further expansion as the market continues to grow at an estimated compound annual growth rate of 16%.

Managing directors of Linimed Gruppe, Fabian Bäuerle, Thomas Pomp and Robin Richter, said: ‘The outpatient intensive care market is primed for growth in the years to come with many exciting opportunities ahead for Linimed. We are looking forward to a successful partnership with GHO Capital and expect to benefit from their counsel and deep healthcare expertise. At the same time, we would like to thank the Linimed founders and the team at Vitruvian Partners for their generous and collaborative support over the past four years, during which time the company has grown to become a leading intensive care provider in Germany.’