Ludlow appoints new ethics and safeguarding lead

Specialist healthcare provider, Ludlow Street Healthcare, has appointed Richard Andrews as ethics and safeguarding lead.

In his new role, Andrews will be responsible for strengthening and improving oversight and evaluation of safeguarding practice and will further develop the organisation’s safeguarding and person-centred culture.


Andrews has worked for Ludlow Street Healthcare for nine years in a social work capacity and his new role represents formalisation of the work he was already undertaking.

Commenting on the role, Andrews said: ‘The challenges and demands of the Covid crisis have highlighted the need for constant diligence when it comes to making any decisions on our service users’ cases, often managing competing priorities and risks.

‘Given the complexity of our service users, we are constantly aware of the necessity of ensuring that we have clear processes in place when reviewing care needs and when making complex care and clinical decisions. These decisions need to take into account the wider picture which considers the interaction between service users’ human rights, mental capacity as well as their mental health and their corresponding legal frameworks.

‘My role will help ensure that we prioritise effective consultation on complex cases and also continue to help services to review and reflect on complex interventions via Ludlow Street Healthcare’s Ethics Committee and Ethical Review process; enabling us to balance people’s needs & risks, whilst promoting and protecting their Human Rights.’