New chief executive at MDU

Dr Matthew Lee, MDU's new chief executive

Medical defence organisation the Medical Defence Union (MDU) has announced the appointment of Dr Matthew Lee as chief executive. Lee will take over from Dr Christine Tomkins, who is retiring in September 2021. Tomkins has been in the role since 2009 and worked for the MDU for more than 36 years.

Lee is currently director of professional services at the MDU, with responsibility for key services, including 24-hour medico-legal advisory support, claims handling, legal services and clinical risk management. He joined the MDU in 2000 with a background in paediatrics and anaesthetics in the Wessex region. He initially worked for the company as a medico-legal adviser and clinical risk manager before taking on broader management responsibilities.

Commenting on his new role, Lee said: ‘It’s a great privilege to be appointed to this role and I look forward to taking over Christine’s work of championing the medico-legal interests of our members.

‘During the pandemic, our members have been under tremendous pressure and we know that many challenges lie ahead such as supporting them with increasing numbers of complaints and claims. In the 20 years since I joined the MDU I have watched the company grow and modernise while retaining an absolute focus on member needs. Over the next few years I aim to build on that success, ensuring that our services are not just of the highest quality but also constantly evolving to meet the changing realities of modern medical practice.

‘We aim to broaden the range of benefits and services we provide in line with being a not-for-profit, wholly member-owned company that exists for no other reason than to support, guide and defend our members in their everyday work. I am delighted to have the opportunity to take on this exciting and challenging role and look forward to leading the MDU from strength to strength.’