Mobile diagnostics service launches in London

Thought to be the first of its kind in the UK, a start-up mobile diagnostics service called VisitHealth has launched in the London area, enabling patients to undergo a range of medical tests from home.

People who have difficulties coming into a GP surgery, including older people with mobility problems and those with busy lifestyles, could benefit from the service, according to VisitHealth founder Yulia Smal, who told HM it can handle an ‘extensive list of advanced diagnostic needs’ with instant results back to patients.

Appointments are booked by a patient’s doctor through the start-up’s website, which sends a ‘connected care medic’ out to a patient.

The medics are equipped with portable laboratory equipment used by NHS trusts and the service is also available to people in the workplace, said Smal.

She said the company has a pool of Allied Healthcare professionals working for it on a full and part-time basis.

They can perform on-demand ECGs, ultrasounds, spirometry tests, wound dressings, tracheostomy and gastrostomy management care, as well as biochemistry, lipid profile and kidney functions tests.

The service is mainly aimed at people living in and around the M25 but Smal wants to expand the business to other locations in time.

The company has partnered with The Doctors Laboratory, the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK, where more detailed tests are sent with a turnaround of two to three days. They include sputum, wound swab, genetics and culture testing.

Smal said: ‘We use our mobiles for immediate solutions, from ordering a cab to getting a spa service or a handyman. With VisitHealth, we can get the same immediacy with health care answers – without the anxiety that comes with turning to Google or getting only a fraction of the story in another phone or web-based service.’

The cost of the service is £59. Doctors can also arrange visits, book appointments and review patient records through the VisitHealth web-based app.