Babylon secures partnership in US

Dr Ali Parsa, founder and CEO, Babylon Health

Babylon Health has partnered with US medical insurance company Home State Health to provide primary care services to members in Missouri.

Under the partnership, the virtual GP provider will serve as the primary care physician through its mobile app-based telehealth platform.

The app allows patients access to remote consultations and check-in calls, log their symptoms, manage chronic conditions, and access health history.

Home State Health members will be supported by a 20-person interdisciplinary Babylon care team including nurses and community health workers. They will help ensure continuity of care and guide members through their healthcare journey.

If a face-to-face consultation is required, the Babylon care team can also assist in connecting members with community resources that provide services like transportation for an appointment.

Babylon’s services will be available to Home State Health members living in ten counties in Missouri.

‘On behalf of the Babylon team, I am honoured to have the opportunity to partner with Home State Health to offer Missourians a personalised, end-to-end, and human-centric care experience,’ said Dr Ali Parsa, founder, Babylon.

‘There has never been a greater need for a digital healthcare solution that can go directly to the source; meeting patients exactly where they are and when they need care most.’

Nathan Landsbaum, president and CEO, Home State Health added: ‘At Home State Health, we meet our members where they are and remove barriers which have prevented them from receiving care. By working with Babylon, we are able to bring the latest technology and innovation in patient care directly to our Medicaid members living in rural areas of Missouri.’