BMI hospital receives endoscopy JAG Accreditation

Alberto Jr Anajao and the endoscopy team

BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital in Middlesex has received a JAG Accreditation for its endoscopy services.

The 121-bed hospital was given the award by the Joint Advisory Group, the national independent regulator which assesses all endoscopy suite. 

‘We already had some action plans as the result of our self-assessment preparation for accreditation,’ said Alberto Jr Anajao, theatre and endoscopy manager at BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital. ‘We looked at all the evidence and all the patient flows through the hospital, we made a number of changes and initiated some new processes too.’ 

‘It took a couple of months to achieve the standards, with everyone joining in with meetings, changing processes, exploring options,’ Anajao continued, ‘importantly, we did it together. If the team had not been with me, if they had not been engaged in the process of change and the high standards that we wanted to reach, we would not have achieved JAG accreditation.’