Digital fertility platform opens to patients

Digital fertility platform has launched its first services for patients.

Backed by cloud-based business incubator Microsoft for Startups, NOW-fertility’s hybrid service combines digital access with face-to-face appointments via a cloud-based platform which integrates machine learning and AI to provide virtual consultations, patient monitoring and medication delivery.

Digital services are backed by a network of clinics for the delivery of IVF-based services and satellite clinics for diagnostic and monitoring investigations.

Founded by entrepreneur and consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Professor Luciano Nardo, the company aims to provide 24/7 access to virtual care and support. The majority of appointments will be conducted virtually but ultrasound scans, blood tests and monitoring investigations will be carried out at clinics close to patients’ homes.

According to Nardo, this will support expansion for physicians and clinics, while leveraging digital technology to improve access and reduce stress for patients.

Chief strategy officer Andrew Coutts said: ‘The future of digital healthcare delivery is extremely bright and with the help of Microsoft, NOW-fertility is at the forefront of this movement, which will ultimately benefit both patients and the clinics working with NOW-fertility across the world.’