Harley Street GP provider launches Covid-19 ‘safety net’

The London General Practice has launched a Covid-19 ‘safety net service’ offering health advice and monitoring for patients experiencing symptoms.

The home support service is designed to provide peace of mind for patients affected by Coronavirus and includes an initial video with a doctor, followed by seven daily phone calls to track symptoms. 

A small bag of diagnostic equipment, including anoxygen saturation meter, thermometer and blood pressure monitor, can also be sent to the patient to help monitor vital signs. 

Doctors call patients at a pre-arranged time each day to discuss symptoms and offer next steps advice if there are significant changes.

The practice, which provides a 24/7 doctor-led video consultation service, also has access to Coronavirus testing if requested. 

A spokesperson for the company said: ‘We are pleased to say that this service has been very well received and as a result we will continue to offer this even after the lock-down is lifted.