HCA teams up with ukactive on workplace health consultation

HCA Healthcare UK has joined forces with physical activity membership body ukactive to conduct out a major consultation into health and activity in the workplace.  

Due for launch in April, the consultation is thought to be the biggest study of workplace health and activity undertaken in the UK.

As well as outlining the steps businesses can take to support the health of their employees, it will explore the current status of physical activity and wider health programmes in workplaces and identify potential policy changes.

The findings will be used to provide recommendations to businesses, the physical activity sector and the government on how to better support healthier workplaces.

HCA Healthcare UK chief medical officer Cliff Bucknall said the company had first-hand experience of the positive impact workplace health initiatives could have on productivity and wellbeing through its business partnerships.

‘More and more businesses are recognising the important role they can have in improving the health of their workforce and are eager to do more, however, many are unclear about the best way to do this,’ he said.

‘Through our partnership with ukactive we hope to provide practical advice and information to enable businesses of all sizes to turn ambition into action, and drive positive change in the health and wellbeing of the UK’s working population.’

Anna Davison, head of workplace wellbeing for ukactive, added: ‘For ukactive, this is the first step in developing a better understanding of the good practice and barriers around physical activity and employee health that will contribute to our overall aim of transforming working life in the UK.’