Medical Solutions launches preventative health services

Medical Solutions has launched an ‘emotional wellbeing’ and an ‘aches and pain’ service as part of its ‘Holistic Health’ proposition, which is designed to complement core GP services with a convenient means of accessing preventative care.

The ‘emotional wellbeing’ service includes a 30-minute phone consultation with an experienced adviser, to carry out a holistic assessment and provide advice, coping strategies and signposting to additional resources that support the maintenance of good emotional wellbeing.

The ‘aches and pains’ service focuses on musculoskeletal problems and includes a consultation with a professional advisor, such as a physiotherapist or sports therapist, along with advice and signposting.

Commenting on the launch, the company’s chief medical officer Dr Chris Morris said: With one in four people living with a mental health condition and the same number suffering from various muscular or bone conditions – along with the effects of the Covid-19 lockdown on mental and physical health – we believe convenient and easy access to preventative care and advice has never been more important to mitigate the possibility of long-term health issues occurring.’