Medical Solutions partners with CS Healthcare

Medical Solutions has partnered with private health insurance provider CS Healthcare to offer its members access to its remote GP service.

This partnership comes as part of a modernisation of CS Healthcare’s health insurance offering.

The company recently removed its eligibility criteria and now provides private medical cover for everyone, regardless of their profession.

‘We wanted to introduce a service that would provide meaningful value to our members, while also helping to attract new members,’ said Tom Gidaracos, acting chief executive of CS Healthcare. ‘Our goal has always been to provide a bridge between NHS and private healthcare. The addition of a remote GP service fits perfectly with this goal, especially when you consider the average wait for a GP appointment is now more than two weeks.’

Paul Nattrass, commercial director of Medical Solutions, added: ‘CS Healthcare prides itself on providing swift access to affordable private healthcare and promises that it won’t increase premiums because a member has made a claim. This approach is to be applauded. And it fits perfectly with our own goal of ensuring the right diagnosis in the right place at the right time.’

Operating since 1998, Medical Solutions is a private provider of remote GP services in the UK and Republic of Ireland, delivering 24/7 GP consultations by NHS practising GPs.

Consultations are delivered by phone, video or personalised app and are accessible worldwide.