OCL Vision pioneers laser eye surgery technique in UK

Eye surgery provider OCL Vision has launched a new procedure that speeds up recovery time for patients having laser surgery.   

SmartSight, is a minimally-invasive, flapless keyhole technique performed by the Schwind ATOS femtosecond laser. It uses a process known as refractive lenticule extraction, first popularised by the SMILE procedure, and can significantly reduce the risk of developing dry eye following surgery.

It is recommended for patients with prescriptions higher than -3 dioptres with or without astigmatism.

OCL Vision is pioneering the procedure in the UK and has invested £500,000 in the laser eye surgery equipment.

Allon Barsam, consultant ophthalmic surgeon and co-founder of OCL Vision, said: ‘The go-to for this type of surgery in recent years has been RELEX SMILE as it offers people a less invasive alternative to LASEK and LASIK. But this new procedure delivers much-needed software improvements that optical professionals can use to give even better results.

‘OCL Vision is pleased to be pioneering this new technology in the UK and we expect it to be taken up by more surgeons in the industry in the future.’