Rutherford Cancer Centre collaborates with Nuffield Health

(L to R) Chris Land, centre manager at the Rutherford Cancer Centre North East, Matthew Lamb, hospital director at Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital and Nuffield Health urology surgeon Mr Toby Page.

The Rutherford Cancer Centre North East has partnered with Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital to launch a new oncology pathway which reduces exposure to radiation for prostate cancer radiotherapy patients.

As part of the collaboration, patients will undergo a hydrogel spacer procedure at the Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital before commencing radiotherapy or high energy proton beam therapy at the Rutherford Cancer Centre in Bedlington. 

The procedures, which involve a soft gel that separates the rectum from the prostate, will be performed by leading urology consultant Mr Toby Page. Describing the pathway, Mr Page said: ‘The provision of spacer devices to help minimise the impact of precision therapies on unaffected areas of tissue is a huge leap forward in prostate cancer treatment. I am pleased to be a part of this collaboration with the Rutherford Cancer Centre as we work together to help transform cancer care across the North East.’

Chris Land, centre manager at the Rutherford Cancer Centre North East, added: ‘The North East has some of the highest incidence of cancer in the UK, and prostate cancer is the most common cancer of them all. We are delighted to bring this crucial oncology pathway to the North East which cements the region’s reputation as a fast-emerging hub of cutting-edge cancer care and precision radiotherapy. Our excellent relationship with Nuffield Newcastle has been key in delivering this and we are confident that it will enhance patient outcomes across the region.’