PHIN delays publication of consultant measures

The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) has extended its planned deadline for the publication of private consultant clinical outcomes data.

Performance information for some 1,000 consultants was due to start appearing on PHIN’s website at the end of the month but chief executive Matt James (pictured) said today that ‘technological challenges’ had prevented some consultants from approving their data, meaning the organisation has fallen short of its target.

PHIN has now extended the validation window to the end of August to give consultants more time to review their data, and plans to make the information available on its website by autumn once a minimum 1,000 consultants have approved their information.

James said: ‘We take responsibility for this and apologise for the frustration which a number of consultants have experienced.’

Under order by the Competition and Markets Authority PHIN must eventually publish performance data for an estimated 14,000 consultants admitting private patients.

‘We will continue working with hospitals and consultant bodies to ensure that all consultants with private practice support this important initiative,’ said James.

‘There has been a huge, positive shift from the sector towards greater transparency, and we are thankful to those consultants who have supported this process already.’