Priory opens addiction recovery centre

The Priory Group has opened its first long-term residential addiction recovery centre.

The 16-bed Rhodes Recovery centre in north London will provide extended help for patients who have already attended 28-day addiction treatment therapy programmes. Treatment packages cover a range of additions and typically last a minimum of three months to ensure sustainable recovery.

The individually tailored programmes include group and individual therapy alongside life skills, such as managing finances and re-learning daily skills such as cooking. Treatment also includes family days along with workshops and lectures to help rebuild relationships.

Priory Healthcare Sylvia Tang said: ‘We are delighted to open Rhodes Recovery in north London. There is a real need for secondary addiction services for patients who feel that they need more support to help their transition back to normal life, and who worry about the dangers of relapse. We want to help those in their quest to obtain long-term sobriety and a life free of dependency.’