Specialist health advisor expands GP access

Health and protection advisor Punter Southall Health & Protection has expanded its corporate wellbeing product to include access to virtual GP services.

The company, which provides a suite of wellbeing insurance products under the Havensrock brand, said the move was in response to demand from its corporate clients.

Using the Med24 app, employees can speak to a qualified, practising GP via telephone or in real time through a ‘face-to-face’ e-consultation via webcam. The app also includes a private prescription service and access to the My Health service, which stores individuals’ medical notes.

According to Punter Southall Health and Protection’s Employee Wellbeing Research 2018, the number of companies offering virtual GP services has doubled over the past three years as patients face increasingly lengthy waits to see a GP.

Director of corporate consulting Cheryl Brennan said: ‘More employers are incorporating virtual GP services within their health benefits packages. They want to proactively look after their employees’ health and wellbeing and giving them access to round the clock, affordable GP services is the ideal solution. It also makes good business sense – employees are likely to get better more quickly and take less time off work, plus they are less likely to come into work ill.’

Med24 is delivered in conjunction with established provider Medical Solutions UK Ltd, which has provided remote GP services for over 20 years through a large team of practising NHS GPs.