All health care facilities will be rated from 2019

All healthcare facilities in Dubai, whether private or public, will be rated beginning next year.  The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is implementing the rating system based on the Dubai Health Facilities Performance Framework (DHFPF).

The framework, known as Qeyas, has five pillars including patient safety, clinical quality, patient happiness, financial and operational indicators.  Dr Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of the Health Regulation Sector, said the initiative will improve the quality of health care in Dubai.

Benchmarking and measuring the quality of care is fundamental to help build a robust health system where patient-centric care and patient safety is the cornerstone. We are working closely with the private sector to design a system with uses health data intelligently to help enhance health service delivery,” Dr Al Mulla said. The system will also allow for the development of a long-term reimbursement strategy, based on evidence of the quality of care provided.

The DHFPF will include data from e-claims, Sheryan (DHA’s health regulation system), Salama (electronic patient file system for all DHA health facilities) and a range of private health care providers. The DHA will also engage with major private hospitals, day care surgery centres, selected polyclinics, Dubai Healthcare City and Ministry of Health and Prevention facilities in Dubai and support them to help provide data.