App for patient access to UAE doctors

Healthcare technology company Okadoc has launched its telemedicine healthcare app across the UAE. The Dubai-based company fast-tracked the release in response to what it called the growing need for patients to access specialist and general healthcare throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, writes Healthcare Markets International.

“We are living in unprecedented times where there’s a greater sense of urgency for patients and doctors to be connected. We felt that it was prudent to roll out our telemedicine solution as soon as possible in the UAE and Indonesia where we are already operating, and facilitate an interactive solution for patients to communicate with doctors from the safety of their homes to get the necessary care they need,” said founder and chief executive Fodhil Benturquia.

Okadoc’s platform connects patients with doctors who are already practising in clinics and hospitals. In doing so, patients can book an appointment with their own doctor or a doctor of their choice within minutes. Users can have a video consultation and chat electronically, transfer and receive documents such as prescriptions or medical records and pay for their consultations based on their insurance coverage. The platform includes doctors from over 40 specialties, including family medicine, paediatrics, and mental health.

Almost 40 healthcare providers have already signed on with Okadoc to provide instant access to their doctors. This includes hospitals and clinics such as Emirates Hospitals & Clinics, HealthPlus Network of Specialty Centers, Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children, Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi, Dubai London Clinics, German Medical Center, and iCare. UAE residents are now able to set up virtual consultations with more than 400 doctors across the country.

The virtual consultation costs the same as an in-house one, the difference being is that prior to making the appointment, the patients input their payment details via the payment gateway to process a pre-authorisation. The claim is then processed as per the normal procedure with the insurance provider. Soon, the platform will also allow the option to pay via Apple Pay.